From the recording The Running River


As a road dog junkie
I drive this country
It's my job I do it well
But when the day is done
I gaze the setting sun
Getting ever closer, on back to you

So I'm marking the miles
It's been a long while
From that first day, I left this town
Your in my field of view
The miles are now a few
Time to get off this merry go round

So every marker, I remember
Out there off of the side of the road
That little sign, a friend of mine
Telling me, just how far to go

Mile marker six
It's coming up quick
Girl you'll be with Me, with me real soon

Then Mile marker five
I'm coming alive
Getting ever closer, closer to you

On up to marker four
Almost to your door
I can't wait Girl, to make it on home

Mile marker three
I'm shaking in my knees
This Anticipation, to never be alone

Now the feelings that I had
Will soon be with you in bed
I missed you Girl, all the way through

I drove away the Pain
To stop this old freight train
but never slow down for loving you

On mile marker two
I swear I smell you
Your just as sweet, Sweet as can be

So tired of being alone
Just get Me on back home
This road won't matter, matter to me

So here's my lonely one,
It's the one and done
My last mile, almost Through

I drove away the pain
Stopped this old freight train
but never slowed down, for loving you