1. Look Ahead

From the recording The Running River


Hello my two Sons,
this is Dad
I want to show you,
What I have

It's a about you
The things you do.
The way you change
And you get through.

Your my two Sons,
second to none
all the good times,
have just begun.

It not always good
not always bad
It's all about life
I'm a grand dad

It's in the spirit
That surrounds you.
It's in your heart,
If you only knew

you live with value
a Fathers Son
just want to tell you,
I'm a fortunate one

Just keep on being you
keep that chin up hi!
Live life like you mean it
Just give it a try

If you get tired,
like I sometimes do?
just be inspired
do these things for you

So keep on going
like the song said
winds are blowing
Always look ahead