1. Another Year

From the recording The Running River


two thousand twenty-two
another year, it's all through
it's time to settle down
soon Santa will be around

Christmas tidings will appear
with His red nosed reindeer
Little Children go out to play
as with no more yesterdays

The near woods are full of snow
With their faces all aglow
The time sure is right now
in this little Midwest town

so, let's have thanks for the peace
this one season that we keep
A deep breath shall we breathe
another year in History

laughter is all abound
the old folk will be found
Mom and Dad there in the middle
as for them, not so simple

Let's all feel the love
the ones lost, and up above
they had these seasons too
In the red, White, and blue

So lets all gather now
lets all sing around
Christmas is now here
lets all have tidings an cheer