Patch of Ground Kid

Best little dog, the whole wide world
Best little girl, dressed up in curls
Best little boy, Mr. Bojangles
Best mom and dad they lit those candles

The best of me, it's who I am
Brought out the best, of this old Man
The best is She, She understands
Always forever, she's in my plans

best young couple, to tie the knot
best true love, hit the jackpot
Gold and silver, shines in their eyes
always forever, in their blue skies

There's nothing wrong with being our best
Study the stars Put your life to the test
Pick up your speed you feel the need
Find the door, time to explore

The best in music, it sure ain't mine
But we'll listen, till the end of time
Take in every word, make it our own
Tap to the beat, and never be alone

The best in life , is still to come
Just have your fill, pick up the crumbs
Make everyday, better than the last
Do what they say, and save your ass

The best guitar, the one you play
Some like it hard, its on everyday
Hands and fingers, tell it like it is
Who needs a singer, its time to quit

Everyone tries to be their best
The truth inside for all to rest
the best in life its still to come
A human design,
it's where were from

The best in life its being our best
just hold on tight and never make it rest
Never say never, never say no
Keep it together, theirs always better roads