1. Midwesterner


I've seen the desert sands
Been through, beautiful lands
But I finally made a plan

I've Seen some mountain tops
So long, since I've been up
That's where, I make my stand

To be, a Mid, western Man

No one tells, me what to do
Never over, until it's all through
Through, with all those plans
To be, a Mid, western man

North, east, West and south
Those places they like to shout
all about them

Been near some oceans too
So many things a man can do
Did all that, and then I ran

To be, a Mid, western Man

Winter long, you feel, you exposed
Where you go, from here, you don't know
So you do, what you can

it's the place, you grew up
You drank, that silver cup
You always, loved that land
your a Mid, western Man